Creating A Minimalist And Modern Bathroom

Minimalist and modern bathrooms don’t have to be expensive. It can even save costs and space if you know how to do it. A modern bathroom does not mean boring and monotonous, precisely with a minimalist design that will make the bathroom cleaner and fresher. You can also change the shape of your bathroom to a minimalist and modern form with the help of bathroom remodel northern virginia.

Simple modern bathroom shapes and designs can vary. But the essence is the same, namely: organize the main elements of the need for bathing as easily as possible and as neat as possible so as to create a comfortable, clean and fresh shower. This is the most important part that must be considered and understood in building a modern minimalist bathroom.

Organizing the Main Elements
The main elements in the bathroom such as mirror, soap holder and toiletries, towel rack, and shower are the first things that need to be arranged to create the impression of a Modern Minimalist. This can be done by selecting equipment design that prioritizes functions rather than decoration.

It is common knowledge to create a modern impression in the bathroom using bright and balanced lighting between artificial light from lamps and natural light from the sun. But if the room where the bathroom is getting a little natural light, this can be overcome by installing a mirror as a light reflector.

Color Selection
Color selection when building a minimalist and modern bathroom does not merely use dark black and white but can use neutral monochrome colors such as gray or light pastel colors such as teal with white, or other monochrome color combinations. In addition to color, to create a minimalist modern impression, you can use simple ceramic patterns.

In addition to the color of wall paint to give the impression of modern minimalism, the use of basic materials in bathroom equipment or fixtures is also able to present a modern minimalist feel.
Example by using a wooden towel hanger as an element that complements a shower made of metal. But in essence, avoid plastic materials, because the nature of glossy and unnatural plastic can reduce the impression of a minimalist modern.

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