Know These 4 Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs are needed to help people who have these needs move. However, depending on the causes and conditions, the need for a wheelchair can be temporary, but it can also be permanent or needed forever. For example, those who experience total paralysis will need a wheelchair forever. However, those who are only recovering may need a temporary wheelchair. We can be sure if every wheelchair has wheelchair cushions that are comfortable for its users by looking at the type. Several types of wheelchairs are commonly used.

• Standard Manual Wheelchair
This wheelchair has a larger rear wheel size, with alloy wheels designed to be easily gripped and pushed by its users. Typically, this wheelchair is the choice of people who suffer a partial leg fracture and are temporary, so that the legs are still strong enough to be used. Also, this wheelchair can be folded to save space.

• Portable Wheelchairs
Portable wheelchairs have a relatively lightweight, so easy to carry. This type of wheelchair is suitable for users who travel frequently and can also be placed in a car. Almost similar to the standard type of manual, this wheelchair also has a large rear wheel that is easy to operate by users. However, sometimes the seat cushion is not too soft.

• Sporty Wheelchairs
Well, this type of wheelchair is designed to facilitate users to move while exercising. Sporty wheelchairs are often the choice of disabled athletes who take part in prestigious events, even world-class. Not only that, but this wheelchair is also convenient for walking on sidewalks or operating on unevenly paved roads.

• Hemi Wheelchair
Furthermore, there are Hemi type wheelchairs, which have footwear that can be adjusted up or down according to the needs of its users. Not only footwear, backrest, until the holder can be adjusted high and low to get the most comfortable sitting position for its users. However, compared to other types of wheelchairs, Hemi wheelchairs tend to be shorter.