This Is How To Mix Simple And Artistic Themes For A Living Room

Putting some high elements, such as wall art mounted rather high, bookshelves or floor lamps will draw attention to the vertical space and help divert attention from the spacious living room. You can place a flat-screen screen on a simple living room wall to replace the many paintings and photographs. Install a digital photo album containing family photos or moments to be remembered with your friends on the screen instead of conventional photo frames. This will improve the aesthetic value of your living room greatly. That’s why if you really want to have an artistic living room, we recommend you to think of buying art for your living room.

In addition, when you arrange your living room with an artistic theme, pay attention to some furniture that is key in its arrangement — a sofa, coffee table, guest chairs, or bookshelves. At first glance, the size of these objects may look too big for a small living room, but the arrangement of furniture in the artistic living room leaves only the key furniture.

Don’t place too many sofas or benches so that the large size looks appropriate in a simple living room. You can change it a bit like moving a flower vase on the table with a small tray used to place food jars or beverage containers ready to be served every time a guest arrives.